Established over 120 years ago as the UK’s first manufacturer of spark plugs, ignition spark electrodes and flame probes we have a vast experience of satisfying the needs of oil and gas burner manufacturers across the world, as well as supplying obsolete, bespoke parts and one offs.

We have produced many varieties and variations of:

  • burner electrodes
  • flame sensors & probes
  • ignition burner probes
  • flame failure electrodes & probes
  • ionisation probes
  • flame rods
  • ignition burner probes
  • flare probes
  • furnace spark ignitors
  • kiln ignitors
  • furnace flame probes
  • pottery spark plugs
  • flame sensing detection electrodes
  • flame sensing detection probes
  • spark ignitors and flame ignitors

Contact us with any requirements, we will be happy to produce a product to your specification.

Featured Products:

  • Featured product - Block electrode
  • Featured product - Standard electrode
  • Featured product - IEG14 electrode
  • Featured product - FRS4
  • Block electrodeWe can get ceramics made or machined to a vast array of shapes and sizes, please just ask.
  • Standard electrodeWe stock a comprehensive range of ceramics tubes, blocks and wire to provide simple cost-effective electrodes.
  • IEG14 electrodeWe can provide IEG14 and IEG18 Lodge style electrode in any length or configuration you require.
  • FRS4 electrodeWe can provide FRS4 electrodes with ¼” BSPT (same as ¼” NPT) in any length.

Clients We Work With

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