Helping The Ennerdale Brewery

For years Ennerdale brewery have used a trusty old Lanemark burner ( to brew some world class craft ales, appreciated by the discerning drinker ( The burner had been the center of the successful brewing process then one day it just wouldn’t fire, as it was no longer supported by Lanemark they suggested that Ennerdale should try Ignition Components to get a quality replacement ignitor, so one morning we received an urgent phone call followed by an email photo of an electrode in two parts, the whole brewing process had stopped and there were deadlines to be met, using our extensive stock of ceramics and fittings we immediately put a replacement into production and within 24 hours the electrode was fitted into the burner and Ennerdale were brewing again. If you have a requirement for an old or obsolete replacement electrode, spark ignitor or flame probe please let us know and if it’s an emergence we will do all we can to speedily provide a solution.